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about Us

about us

Pablo Serrano Hernandez is a is an entrepreneur dedicated to the "Coaching" in all the operational aspects of the companies. Mr. Serrano offers business solutions where companies can find answers to many of their administrative problems, offering personal attention to the development of small businesses. This can be achieved by having the collaboration of already pre-selected business experts.   

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our history

our history

During 30 years in the industry,  I have tried to serve with respect, efficiency, and promptly to all of our clients. For this purpose, refocus my efforts on developing companies that not only help solve many administrative problems that might arise firms, but also that this has a social purpose. I know how difficult to live in an economy as volatile, and unpredictable, and that many people, need to provide family economic stability. It is my responsibility as a entrepeneur, offer to our employees economic safety.  

Trust your business needs to our experienced team.

why choose us

why choose us




Our services can help you focus on the strategic and tactical solution of your business and delegate all administrative matters.

We reduce the costs, the market time, improving the profitability of the assets.

We improve the flexibility to have more customer service capacity by avoiding investing time in non-strategic business areas.



"Serranohernandez" aims to provide comprehensive consulting services. Serranohernandez is the only alternative of business solutions for companies that wish to remain in a competitive market. Formed by experts in the business areas that a company needs to operate efficiently, achieving the desired results without sacrificing its resources in areas that do not specialize.



Being an organization with national or international prestige, where companies can find solutions to difficult business situations, with administrative autonomy, commitment to customer service and strategic alliances to ensure an efficient and competitive administration.

our team

our team


Pablo Serrano Hernández

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