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tudinero PR is a training program tailored to each young entrepreneur and/or business owner. Each organization, young and entrepreneur have its goals and objectives different from each other. Serrano Financial Boutique is aware of these needs and challenges and proposes a plan aligned with the objectives of our clients for this purpose designed in conjunction with these, in order to develop the leadership qualities of its executives and managers.



Empower Young Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs with solutions for sustainable economic development.

The Sustainable Economic Development Program is aimed at all university students, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, who have developed a business idea and / or have a business in operation, but need basic knowledge of entrepreneurship in order to implement and manage their business idea. This way the development of our youth and the country is encouraged. We hope that this initiative encourages students looking to convert their ideas into successful new companies in the market.



We are focused on the maximum social impact. Through close collaboration with the communities we serve. We identify and develop young people who wish to insert themselves into the economy of their community. In this way, they will be part of the solution and not the problem in the search for a sustainable economic development for your country.

"Ocupate" program introduces the young man in the adventure to develop a project of entrepreneurship in its higher educational levels. To this end, we have developed a program where students develop a project from an idea based on exploring your dreams and educational goals.

The "Educare" business scholarship program is aimed at second-year Business Administration students, with good academic performance and proven financial need, who can present a business idea and be ready to start with it when they finish their studies. The Financial Support Office of Mr. Serrano  makes the calls every six months.

"Atrévete" is the name of the program developed by Serranohernandez for our young entrepreneurs, with the aim of offering them the necessary tools to establish an economically sustainable company.

Program "Impact" is designed for business owners who want to focus on building a real company, when what they have really done is operate them themselves. We guide the entrepreneur to build a company with a predictable and sustainable future, grow profits substantially, systematize the operation, recruit skilled personnel, and dedicate their time in planning and fulfilling their goals and objectives.

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